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SUNBIRD (ft. Oliviya Nicole)
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    Alfa Matrix Records

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    October 1st, 2021


Sunbird (ft. Oliviya Nicole)

11 Songs

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“Open-minded electronic music with heart & soul”

Antwerp based band Psy’Aviah brings open-minded electronic music with energy and soul. Their sound is best described as “eclectric” as they fuse several genres and into their own musical world. The band was initially founded in 2003 by producer and composer Yves Schelpe, later joined by vocalist Emélie Nicolaï and guitarists Kristof De Clerck (2007-2011) and Ben Van de Cruys (2011-…). From 2013 on the project moves away from a tradition line-up, and Yves focuses back on inviting guest vocalists and musicians into their music. With the release of a new album “Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars” a brand new live line-up formed that started perform again Fall/Winter 2016 with legendary Ben van de Cruys on guitars, songwriter & producer Yves Schelpe on keys and the energetic, yet soulful vocalist Marieke Lightband who will certainly have a big impact on you.

2022 will see the band celebrating their 20 years on stage & on record - keep an eye out for their upcoming singles and album "Bittersweet".



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